About Us


Who We Are:

The Yorklands Green Hub (YGH) is a non-profit organization working to create a one-of-a-kind green hub in Guelph for the benefit of the community on part of the former Guelph Correctional Centre (GCC) heritage lands. On them we aim to develop an education centre among the scenic streams, ponds, meadows, and trails. Until then, we refer to the area as the Yorklands site. 

Our Story:

Yorklands Green Hub brings together businesses, organizations, and people of all ages,
races, religions, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities and interests – to learn, innovate,
work and share engaged stewardship of our land and its food, water, energy and
cultural heritage

*At present, we do not have charitable status and we are unable to issue receipts. With your support we are building up our programming to achieve status in the future.*

Our Vision Statement:

Our vision is to foster environmental sustainability and public use of the GCC lands.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to open green doors to the future by promoting sustainable
conservation, environmental education and public enjoyment at the former Guelph
Correctional Centre lands.

Our Values:

Yorklands Green Hub stands in solidarity with all races, religions, ethnicities, ages, gender
identities and abilities against the injustices and oppression evident in our society. We believe
that mutual respect, inclusion and anti-oppressive practices are fundamental to our organization and our goal of building a more sustainable community for everyone.

Equitable and inclusive: Our mission and vision will not be achieved without ensuring equity and inclusiveness. We will demonstrate that all people feel respected, valued and accepted.
Integrity: We will remain true to our mission and vision.
Community: We will maintain focus on community resilience and well-being.
Sustainability: We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint on the local and global ecosystems.
Learning: We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.

Our Pillars:

To create, for Ontario’s public domain, a self-sustaining education, demonstration, and research hub (living lab) at the provincially owned former Guelph Correctional Centre. The City of Guelph and the Province of Ontario and its citizens will be recognized as world leaders in the development and implementation of resilient and sustainable ecological, social and economic innovations related to:


 Envisioned Outcomes:

  • Preservation of the unique cultural and natural heritage of the GCC lands through adaptive reuse
  • Diffusion of local, sustainable and affordable food initiatives throughout Ontario.
  • Creation of educational demonstrations to help citizens and businesses choose low impact and carbon neutral energy alternatives
  • Increased engagement of citizens in building strong, resilient, safe and inclusive communities.

2014 spring 030

Immediate Objectives:

As the former Guelph Correctional Centre is for sale, we are working with Infrastructure Ontario and prospective developers to secure a lease that covers our two main objectives:

1. To secure 70 acres designated heritage/cultural for innovative small-scale agricultural, energy and environmental sustainability initiatives.

2. To secure and retrofit the Superintendent’s house as a centre for interactive educational programs

We have developed a partnership proposal to help clarify the terms of this process.