May 2019 Solar Greenhouse by Paul Neelands (Click here to see)

Fall 2019 Business Consulting Showcase.

John F. Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise

Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics | University of Guelph

Fourth year students presented their research on Yorklands Green Hub which included a strategy to support two priorities: securing financial support for land acquisition and programming.

Summer 2018 Solar Greenhouse Project designed by Travis Cranmer 2018 for one of several multi-season solar greenhouses on the site for comparative research and for growing market garden produce for sale at the Farmers Market twice a week year round on site.
This greenhouse has been fully costed by Travis and could be built in your backyard or you could be part of a group that wants to build it and grow produce in it for sale.

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December 2017    “From Trees to Water.” Yorklands Green Hub in collaboration with Guelph Urban Forest Friends ran workshops on increasing urban forest canopy coverage to sustain our water cycle at the “Learning for a Sustainable Future Youth Leaders Forum” at U of Guelph.

Summer 2017    University of Birmingham, UK, Civil Engineering student Francesca Brown created this design concept for an all-season pavilion on the proposed YGH site for community workshops and research to showcase environmental education.

March 2016   The University of Waterloo invited YGH to participate in an all-day workshop as part of their March Break program for grade 12 environmental students for all over Ontario.

October 2015 University of Waterloo design students teamed up with community and Yorklands members to create preliminary concept designs for the site. This is one of the designs that resulted from that charette.

September 2014  Logo contest: Tim O’Brien, a University of Guelph Landscape Architecture student, won over 15 others.

June  2014     With Nature Guelph, Trout Unlimited and Ontario Streams, a ‘bioblitz’ was held to record species on Parcels 2, 3 and 4 of the former Ontario Reformatory lands.