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December 2022:

All eyes are on COP15 in Montreal with the focus on biodiversity and especially the interconnection between trees, insects, and birds.

Carolina chickadee

Birds International were recently on the CBC Current and they referred to the loss of 350 million birds each year in Canada to cats alone! This is an urban problem where we can have a positive change by spaying/neutering cats and keeping them indoors. This is something we can do as individuals to help the bird populations.

Birds also need insects who need big keystone trees (like oaks and willows.) We can plant trees and make sure the mature trees we have are safe.

Agriculture is also having a big impact on bird populations:

“[Nicky Koper, a professor at the University of Manitoba’s Natural Resources Institute] said the birds most affected in Canada are those whose grassland habitats are affected by agriculture, and insect-eating birds whose food source is threatened by the use of pesticides.¬†

“We have tremendous declines in both those groups, but we see declines absolutely across the board and all across Canada,” said Koper, who runs a lab focused on bird conservation biology.”

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With 1 in 8 bird species at risk of extinction, citizen scientists are helping to track their numbers | CBC Radio

“People are destroying and consuming nature at a devastating rate. Birds are our early warning¬†system”. -BirdLife International