Design Concepts

Design Projects

We have in the past investigated designs with input from university students and the community at large.

These plans, as well as those from other students and the interested public, will be taken into consideration when a design is finalized.  In the meantime, they provide an inspiring look into the possibilities of a green hub.

Net Metering Proposal-Guelph Solar

Project Haven-University of Waterloo design students

Solar Greenhouse-Travis Cranmer

Yorklands Master Plan by Natalie Gibbs

Download (PDF, 9MB)

Roots to Resources by Kaitlyn Bisch

Download (PDF, 5.6MB)

Fresh Fields by Maddy Armstrong

Download (PDF, 10.99MB)

Green City Hub by Connor Flannery

Download (PDF, 1.75MB)

Green Door by Ruby Sanderson

Download (PDF, 25.1MB)

What projects would you like to see happen at the Yorklands Green Hub site?

Over the years we have had various verbal proposals and now we have a project application to post on our website so that people can see the ideas possible for various parts of Parcel Two.

Click Here for Project Application

Future Project Ideas:

Children’s garden
Childrens playground – eco play- with splash pad and picnic tables nearby
Indigenous garden
Heritage garden around the superintendent’s house
Medicinal garden related to 1900’s
Pavilion design for various uses of nature education and research
Outdoor open sided pavilion over picnic tables on the superintendent’s lawn
Workshop on site for carpentry and gardening
Greenhouses – solar capacity
Irrigation systems for Greenhouses
Add interpretive signage along trails
Board walks along wetlands
Solar greenhouse for community coop growing “Greens for Guelph”
Year round solar plus greenhouse with aquaculture inside

Future Plans:
Increase diverse native trees along trails
GUFF pollination chart

Would you like to take the lead on a project or two , form a committee, fundraise and design it… fill out the Project Application Form and email it to