Kyla Firby – Artist

After studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph I moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 2008 where I lived for over 11 years.  In 2019 I had the opportunity to move back to Guelph and am happy to call this wonderful city home again.  My art is often inspired by my time spent observing nature.  The Yorklands have become one of my favourite spots for walks, bike rides, and art.  I have been drawing and painting for my own enjoyment since I can remember and started showing and selling my art publicly about four years ago.  I typically create watercolour, acrylic paint, or mixed media pieces.

Title: “Seasons”
Size: 24″ diameter
Medium: Mixed Media on Birch Panel
Value: $1500
Minimum Bid: $200

I love walking around the Yorklands and observing how the plants and animals change through the seasons. This piece combines twelve paintings, one for each month inspired by my observations from that time of the year.  The piece includes 120 different species that have been observed locally, most within the Yorklands itself. The tree scene featured in each month is of a specific spot in the Yorklands. This large maple tree caught my eye in October when it turns a mix of different colours. The list of species is included on the back of the piece.

Title: “Pollinators”
Size: 8” diameter
Medium: Mixed Media on Birch Panel
Value: $200
Minimum Bid: $50

This piece is a tribute to the various pollinator species we have in Guelph. It features a sunflower and nine different pollinators.