Jiemin Wang – Artist

Jiemin Wang is a member of Visual Arts Mississauga and Mississauga Art Society. 

She has been painting since early young age and both drawing and painting have been an integral part of her life since.

After studied environmental art at Sichuan Fine Art Institute.  she was an interior designer for few years. Her passion and optimistic view of the world is reflected in her use of bright colours and her subject matter includes: landscape, nature, figurative, portrait, and still life. 

This piece is from a trip to Yorklands green hub, the beauty of a little pond touched her heart.


  • Mississauga art in the park arts show. 
  • Plein-air group show Toronto
  • Visual Arts Mississauga member show.

See more of their work: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jieming-wang

Dream pond

Title: “Dream Pond”
Size: 24”x18”
Medium: Pastel on Paper (Framed)
Value: $650
Minimum bid:  $500