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Board of Directors

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We CANNOT accept family members or personal friends as references.

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❒  I hereby authorize the Organization to contact the above named reference to establish my suitability as a volunteer and I hereby release them and their company from all liability for any damage for issuing the same. I further authorize Yorklands Green Hub to maintain this information in their records and absolve them from liability. Disclaimer: It is the policy of the Organization to screen all prospective volunteers. While we try to place every applicant, we reserve the right to select applicants according to our needs and criteria.

❒  I understand and respect the confidential nature of the information I might have access to in performing my volunteer duties for the Organization.  If your volunteer work with Yorklands Green Hub is with children or vulnerable adults, you will be required to undergo a Canadian Police Information Check (CPIC)

❒  I agree that Yorklands Green Hub may use images of me, individually, or as part of a group for the purposes of marketing, research & educational purposes only. My image(s) will not be shared with any other organization without my permission



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Thank you for your application


Please complete and return this form to:   info@yorklandsgreenhub.ca

Please put Volunteer Application in the Subject line


If you prefer to download the application form and return it to us by mail, please send your application to:


Yorklands Green Hub

c/o 10 Carden Street

PO Box 1061

Guelph, ON N1H 6A2


We will get back to you as soon as possible. Yorklands prefers to interview potential

volunteers to ensure that the opportunities we are providing meet your needs and ours.


Board of Directors

Yorklands Green Hub