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Enthusiasm growing for Yorklands Green Hub

Guelph Mercury – January 15, 2015

Re: Public spaces are heart of the city — Jan. 10

Thanks to Rob O’Flanagan for the article on The Guelph Lecture.

How wonderful to have emphasis on the importance of public spaces in the heart of a city by the speakers, Janice Gross Stein and Brigit Shim.

This importance is illustrated in the growing excitement for keeping a part of the old Guelph Reformatory lands and a few of its buildings as public space. Many are enthused with the idea of the superintendent’s house and 47 acres for shared use and education in sustainable agriculture, wetland restoration and water protection, plus renewable energy demonstration on site.

As a community space in the east part of the city, knowledge and practice will combine for students and the public of all ages to bring their ideas for business and community projects and research.

Imagine a cider mill from an apple orchard on site; therapeutic animal engagement; a space for budding farmers; local produce from market gardeners; a fishery; a year-round greenhouse using grey water; theatre, music and arts programs; a bakery and international café with solar energy produced on the many buildings; a geothermally heated building and an apiary. There’s so much opportunity to contribute to a sustainable economic future for Guelph residents.

We continue to gather support for this public space from all who want this to happen.

Norah Chaloner

Yorklands Green Hub