Kirk Jones – Artist

I have over 20 years’ expertise in the IT industry, but have recently spent more time doing photography. My main areas of interest are landscape, nature and wildlife photography.

My current project is to photograph Ontario’s conservation areas, parks and green spaces. The main goal for this project is to use photography to show how beautiful nature can be maintained when carefully managed.

During my spare time I hike and play badminton ( I also volunteer as a Line Judge for Badminton Ontario/Canada)
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Title: “Sunrise Over Quarry Lake”
Size – 18″ x 12″ (landscape)
Medium – photographic print, framed
Value: $350

This photograph was taken in fall of 2019 and was selected for you from more than one hundred images taken of this exact scenery over a period of about two weeks.

This was not the most dramatic photograph, but it has (I think) the perfect qualities that allowed for a more gentle depiction of the sunrise – I particularly like how the soft  gradient changes where the sunlight hits the first column of clouds and the sky appears more blue immediately after.
Also of note is the  muted reflection assisted by a slow shutter speed which also removed ripples created by an agitated beaver that kept warning me with slaps of its tail – I eventually packed up and left the beaver to its kingdom.

The final element that I really enjoy about this photograph, is the combination of light and shadows which gives the landmass the appearance of being afloat.