Karl Grottenthaler (1930-2014)

After losing his parents during WW11 at 11 years,  Karl became a cheesemaker and immigrated to Canada in 1953 to become a first class Stationary Engineer at University of Waterloo. In a few years, he joined the Guelph Correctional Centre and was employed there for 22 years as Asst. Superintendent for Industries and Work Programs. He took pride in the many and varied programs developed to meet the varied needs of the inmates to aid their re-entry into civil society. His retirement in 1993 coincided with the scaling back of reform until the institution closed in 2002. Proud of its long history of innovation, he wrote a book called “The House on the Hill. He gave the Yorklands Green Hub his book and enthusiastically encouraged us to continue the culture of reform and public enjoyment of the beautiful landscape with its unique, heritage features.  (see History on the website for chapters of Karl’s book).