Karen Silverstone – Artist

Silverstone is a high-school art teacher who began her career in 1995 after graduating from the University of Guelph and the University of Toronto. At present, she teaches visual arts, part-time (⅚) in Guelph, at Centennial CVI having taught at John F Ross for many years.  Being an art teacher requires one to be competent in a variety of media. This interest in technical and material manipulations can be seen in the mixed media approaches explored in her art. The environmental themes present in her art attempt to remind the viewer of the importance of recognizing the beauty of the landscapes around us and the repurposing of discarded material reinforces the need to preserve our locale. Her work can be found in private collections across Canada and the USA.

Title: “W80’ 14’9.9”
Size: 17W x 20H inches
Medium: pencil on acrylic, plaster and lath
Value: $550.00

I re-purpose lath from local renovations and re-build it into the artworks that I draw on and as such, help to deter more waste to landfill sites. This mixed media drawing is based on a photograph I had taken on the Yorklands site last fall during the weekend paint en-plein-air Sundays. The title is in reference to part of the GPS location.