John (Jack) Milne (1916-2015)

John (Jack) Milne (1916-2015) If any one person can be credited with conceiving the Yorklands Green Hub Vision, it is surely Jack. Milne.  Jack thought that the lands of the former Ontario Reformatory, sitting idle since 2001, should be repurposed as an environmental centre.  In 2006, he took his vision to fellow member and President of the Guelph Wellington Men’s Club (GWMC).  Freeman challenged the Club to engage the community in discussions relating to the environment.  The Environmental Committee of the GWMC, which consisted of Freeman McEwan (Chair), Jack Milne, Ken Hammill, Doug Hoffman, Stephen Rodd, Bill Taylor, Ted Wiffin, and Bill Winegard, proposed the establishment of The Ontario Environmental Exhibition on the former Reformatory grounds, in the hope that Guelph would become Canada’s Environmental Capital.  Jack Milne was educated in Ireland and the United States, made a significant contribution to the WW2 effort, before becoming a prominent member of Canada’s advertising industry and an international businessman.  He retired to Guelph with his wife Margaret in the 1990s and spent the last decades of his life in Guelph, working with the Guelph Men’s Club environment committee, Guelph University and City Hall to push his vision of repurposing the Reformatory lands as a regional sustainability education centre. The task of realizing that vision has been passed to Yorkland Green Hub.