Irene Hanuta – Artist

Irene Hanuta is a retired educator and graduate of the fine art and education programs of Queen’s University. She has both given and taken many art workshops in a wide variety of media.  Originally from northern Ontario, she has made Guelph her home for the past 14 years. Her passion for creating art was rekindled four years ago after having set aside her own art some thirty years ago to pursue other goals, including encouraging students and teachers to explore and value their creativity, to recognize and appreciate art in all life.

Her current art is what she describes as “intimate”, best viewed in a small cozy setting. Pencil, pen, watercolour pencil and coloured pencil are her preferred media, but she also dabbles in multimedia multidimensional creations with a concept art twist. Her most recent project has been the “Colour Yorklands” colouring book of drawings and her colouring of the drawing prints displayed at the Colour Yorklands Exhibit at the East End Guelph Public Library.

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Title: “Earth Magic…Earth Love – Love, you are the rock on which we build.”
Size: 14″ x 18” matted and framed
Medium: Watercolour pencil, coloured pencil, pen and pencil drawing
on acid free drawing paper.
Value: $550
Minimum Bid: $325
Detail: “Earth Magic…Earth Love – Love, you are the rock on which we build.”

“While most people are drawn to look up, to enjoy the vast scenery of nature around us at Yorklands, I was drawn to look down at all the magical life of the earth itself. I found the black feather at one bridge and the blue love rock at Yorklands’ entrance bridge, two gifts that remind us to protect and love our environment”.

Title: “Winding Down”
Size: 12″ x 15” matted and framed
Medium: Watercolour pencil hand-coloured print of the artist’s original drawing
Value: $200
Minimum Bid: $125
Detail: “Winding Down”

“Winding Down” is one of the Yorklands series of b&w pen drawings which does not appear in the “Colour Yorklands” colouring book. Irene created 25 drawings for the series, only 20 of which are in the colouring book.

“There is something so magical about exploring all the elements at Yorklands. You are encouraged to imagine, explore and dream. The spiral staircases are hidden in the density of lush summer growth, sheltering the lower pond area, a home of the blue heron.”