Henry Wiseman (1923-2016)

Henry Wiseman (1923 – 2016) completed his BA at Queen’s University in 1949 before joining his father’s fur business in old Montreal. He undertook the first academic study of United Nations Peace Keeping while earning his PhD (’67, Queen’s University). He taught undergraduates as a Professor of Political Studies at the University of Guelph while monitoring the first elections as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and teaching military and non-military personnel the principles and practice of peacekeeping under the auspices of the United Nations, the International Peace Academy (New York) and the Lester B Pearson International Peacekeeping Training Centre (Cornwallis, Nova Scotia). In retirement Henry made documentary films (for example, “Life and the Machines”) while supporting the arts community and local causes. He was an early supportive member of the Guelph Men’s – Club Environmental Committee and connected Jack Milne to local enthusiasts for a re-purposing of the former Ontario Reformatory as an ecology centre to research and educate re urban sustainability and resilience in the face of future climate stress.