Helen Gong – Artist

My passion for art started growing after I visited Louvre Museum back in 2017. I spent a whole day enjoying the oil paintings and other works of art. I especially admire the arts of Vincent Van Gogh, Jean-Francois Millet, Paul Cezanne. I started to learn painting from artist Ma Mu in Toronto in 2018. I particularly enjoy figure painting because emotion expression is complexed but interesting.

The title of the painting is called “Reading”. I saw this old man in a park that day. What attracted me is how focus he was on the book even though he is so old and probably has difficulties walking. At the same time, he is enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in the park. People are never too old for reading and enjoying the sunlight.

Title: “Reading”
Size: 30cm x 40cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Value: $100
Minimum Bid: $50