Adam CX – Artist

Art network name, Adam CX (Chunxiao), Freelancepainter. Vice Chairman of the Atlantic Artists Association. Board member of the Canadian Oil Painting Society. Member of the American Watercolor Society. Member and Graphic Design Chair of the Toronto Watercolor Society. Member of the Scarborough Art Society and Don Valley Art Club.

Today, the Society has provided artists with a vast space for experimentation. Among the numerous and complicated artistic methods, I chose art painting to reflect daily life, people around me, social events, social criticism and ideological transformation. I am a person who loves life and believes that art comes from the truth of life. My artwork comes from the life environment around me. I would like to record and express all of them using my artistic language.

Title: Summer View of Yorklands Green Hub
Size: 11×14 inches with frame
Medium: Watercolour
Value: $480
Minimum bid: $380
Title: “Church in Yorklands Green Hub”¬†
Size: 11×14 inches with frame
Medium: Watercolour
Value: $450
Minimum Bid: $350
Title: “Morning View of Lake in Yorklands Green Hub”
Size: 14×20 inches with frame
Medium: Watercolour
Value: $650
Minimum Bid: $550