Mary Katherine Hopkins – Artist

Being out of doors has always been a balm for me. My childhood included the rustle of trees, the music of rainfall, even the howl of winter winds. I was lucky to have those experiences that exposed me to all those natural sounds and sights. It guided me into a career that continued to embed in me a respect for nature and a love of unspoiled areas.

When creating art, I can lose myself in a scene, trying to recreate it in a way that conveys not only what I see, but puts the viewer in my place. Creating this Nature Art using fibre combines my two loves.

Sewing since young, I’ve tried many techniques. I learned to deconstruct a scene in
order to find the hidden details and found short cuts for stitching to control the deformation that often plagues Fibre Art. I fully embraced raw appliques in all its
forms, from large pieces to snippets, collage to confetti. When necessary I paint my
own fabric. Using that art form for background scenes quickly changed so the painted fabric was featured in my work.

I began as a quilter and I still make quilts but Fibre Art feeds my soul. When I think I’m getting stale, I have a group of wonderful, artistic minded women who push me to try different or new things. Or they send me a photograph they love. I can be reached at  or  

Title: “Spring Thaw at Yorklands”
Size: 31″ x 31″
Medium: Fibre Art
Value: $750

Mary Katherine Hopkins completed her studies in forestry and eco management, then turned her attention to raising a family, a teaching career and a passion for quilting and fibre art.  An accomplished fibre artists and workshop presenter, her art has been purchased by admirers from around the world.   Here she combines all her interests into “Spring Thaw at Yorklands”. This piece is a month long labour of love, started with the challenging experience of the Covid-19 lock-down. The importance of caring for our environment, maintaining our green spaces and the Yorklands Green Hub initiative were magnified. Her inspiration for this piece began with a photograph.  Mary has most graciously donated all proceeds from her art valued at $750 to support the Yorklands Green Hub initiative. She lives in Guelph in the area of the Yorklands. 

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