Little Sun

A brilliant little light that lets you share renewable light with off-grid communities – and the Yorklands Green Hub

If you could buy a little light that would change lives in other parts of the world, wouldn’t you?

Now you can. By purchasing a Little Sun – for your own use outdoors, camping, in your car, in your tool box, in emergencies – you will become part of a global network of people working to make sustainable electric light available to people worldwide.  You will find Little Sun in Guelph at the Stone Store

Little Sun is an award-winning, global project designed to bring affordable, clean light to more than one billion people in the world who have no access to an electrical grid.  Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottensen, this product turns daytime sunshine into LED light for nighttime use.  It comes on a sturdy strap so users can wear it, carry it, hang it up or attach it where needed.

Your $40 purchase of a Little Sun in the developed world helps make these lights available to people in off-grid areas at a much lower price.  It allows them to replace indoor kerosene lamps which have negative health effects.  It helps create new snall, off-grid businesses. 

How is Yorklands involved?  We are partnering with the Stone Store, 14 Commercial Street in Guelph.  We will have Little Suns for you to try out, and perhaps purchase, at our information table whenever we participate in an event. The Stone Store is supporting Yorklands by donating $10 for every Little Sun sold.


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