A heartfelt thank you to those who have given financial support to YGH.  Their generosity has allowed us to hire a part-time Executive Director, expand programming and further engage the community in our project.

$1000 – $10,000


City of Guelph Well-Being Grant

$500 – $1000

Stone Store

T. Ellis

R. Giza

$100 – $500

H. Akin

B. Bryce

N. Chaloner

Guelph Wellington Men’s Club

P. Hamilton

J. Hart

C. Macleod

Ontario Streams

G. Renninger

S. Seibert

B. Stefaniak

A. Stefaniak

J. Wood

up to $100

O. Adams

B. Aherne

V. Anderson

R. Atkinson

C. Betz

L. Boyle

A. Bradley

M. Budd

R. Case

J. Craig

J. Dunke Collings

R. Dyck

S. Dyck

P. Flood

C. Fraser

W. Gordon


V. Gysel

C. Harvey-Smith

E. Houghton

P. Holm

D. Kirkland

K. MacKenzie

N. Matsui

S. Merritt

P. Mesher

C. Novosad


S. O’Reilly

G. Repta

S. Rietschin

J. Shute

D. Smith

G. VanBeers

M. Vanderwoude

S. Wilkes