Board of Directors 2017

Terry O’Connor, a long-time active participant in the Guelph community, has experience working with the Guelph Wellington Dufferin United Way, the Guelph and District Labour Council, and the Guelph Wellington Poverty Task Force.  Terry is sitting as Chair of the Board of Directors and chair of the Business Plan committee.

Norah Chaloner, a retired public health nurse with organic farming experience, is a long-time volunteer enthusiast of water and environmental protection.   Norah is sitting as Past-Chair of the Board of Directors, and is our Community Liaison, continuing making connections and expanding awareness of our project with the general public.  Norah is chairing the Land Acquisition committee.

Leo Medeiros, CPA (CA) is a practicing accountant.  His prior experience includes Research & Development, and engineering.  Leo is sitting as Treasurer.

Val Morse is a retired teacher/librarian with experience on several Guelph non-profit boards,  including the Guelph Arts Platform and the Family Mental Health Network.  As a proponent of sustainability and environmental stewardship, Val is sitting as Secretary and chair of the Governance committee, and co-chair of the Finance committee.

Colette Mesher, with a PhD in aquatic ecology, has a broad range of experience in field and laboratory work focused on marine and freshwater biology, some of which was on the proposed site of Yorklands Green Hub.  Colette works as a beekeeper for Tuckamore Bee Company, and is currently building a tiny house on a 14 foot trailer.  Colette is sitting on the Finance  committee.

Ashley Henbrey is a lawyer at Legal Aid Ontario. She has a strong interest in Environmental Law and conservation issues. Ashley is sitting on the Land Acquisition committee.

Sonia Vinnik has a background in business development. After a decade of domestic engineering, she has turned her focus to permaculture design and eco-construction and now works as a project manager for a small firm doing both traditional and off-grid design and builds. She is passionate about how food security, education and mindfulness can be woven together to regenerate our communities and the earth. Sonia is sitting as chair of the Mobile Learning Lab committee.

Carol-Ann Betz is a landscape architect with a diverse career ranging from public schoolyard greening, ecological restorations, private residential designs, and project management. She is a long-time resident of Guelph and an active community member.  Carol-Ann is sitting as Events Coordinator.

Lisa Nevar-Landsmann has over a decade of experience as a marketing professional. With a degree in biology & environmental science, her early career focused on development of nature tourism and a burgeoning voluntourism industry. Today, Lisa teaches yoga and offers maker-workshops for creating natural personal and household products. Lisa is sitting as chair of the Promotion committee.

Abdelsalam Elfahal has valuable experience in environment and sustainable development working for international organizations in conducting studies, developing plans, and monitoring and evaluating projects and programs.  This experience included environmental education and awareness activities.  Salam is sitting on the Business Plan committee.

Brooke Billings is a CPA, CA and a practicing accountant specializing in auditing not for-profit organizations, charities and municipalities.  Brooke  is sitting as co-chair of the Finance committee.