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Design Charette

  On October 17, University of Waterloo design students teamed up with community and Yorklands members to create preliminary concept designs for the site.  The charrette was a brain storming session for the students, who divided into groups and created designs for the property, with specific themes in mind: adaptive reuse, brownfield remediation, wetland and […]

One of the alternate energy opportunities on-site.


Yorklands Green Hub aims to be a net zero site, generating all electricity needed on site using solar and wind sources. Buildings will be heated with low-carbon technologies, and all power generation and heating systems will be open to inspection by visitors. Alternative energy classes will inform potential users of these technologies of the cost/ […]


Water and Resource Conservation

Yorklands Green Hub will be self sufficient in water resources needed by farming and gardening activities, offices and educational programs through the collection of rain water and the rehabilitation of the GCC water supply infrastructure, with city water used for drinking.  Educational courses and demonstrations will be provided to classes and residents wishing to learn […]

Stone wall

Preserving Cultural and Natural Heritage

The Guelph Correctional Centre – GCC has a long tradition of innovation and self sufficiency (see HISTORY), and Yorklands Green Hub will design and build its programs around that tradition and is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the site. The Guelph Correctional Centre played a global leadership role in transforming Ontario’s prison system from […]